As “summer people,” we developed an attachment to Southampton (not unlike many of our guests!). Combine this with Jenny’s dream to operate a B&B and it is no surprise that we ended up here!

On a spur of the moment day trip to Southampton one drizzly September day in 1999, we decided to look at real estate and realized that this house seemed perfectly suitable for bed and breakfast. Don had taken early retirement from Bell and then worked on international assignments, so it suddenly didn’t matter where we lived. We had moved with Bell and Jenny’s career had ben disrupted, so this was a chance for Jenny to follow her dream. By December of that same year, we had sold our house in Oakville and moved the family to Southampton. The nice part about all of this was that it felt like the right thing to do, and we still have no regrets! The house had always been a private residence so after major renovations we had 2 rooms open by February and 4 more open by June of 2000.

Southampton is a really wonderful town; the people are very friendly and we all feel very much at home. We are both very involved in the community; Jenny is involved with “Southampton Committees” and is a past president of the Southampton Rotary Club.  Don sells real estate for McIntee Real Estate in the Southampton office. He would be pleased to help you with any related questions … especially if you get the Southampton bug!! We also have a chance to pursue some of those hobbies that we never had time for in our busy city lives. Don has always been a want-to-be handyman/carpenter … so he has lots to keep him busy, not to mention the garden. Don is also a sailor and tennis enthusiast.

Whatever your reason for visiting the area, B&B hosts Jenny & Don Amy have operated Chantry Breezes for over 20 years and are dedicated to ensuring that your stay is not only unique and unforgettable, but one you’ll want to experience time and again.